About Us

DNA is a two way benefactor especially for the Township Residents

It gives a platform for the local products and service providers to reach their unambiguous audience in a while; also it allows its user to meet their daily need or for that sake any occasional requirements by searching for their nearest provider on this user friendly application at one go.

To simplify, DNA is an application which allows you to choose right from groceries to confectionaries, milk to silk, medicines to pasta, biryani to sherwani, and many more. The entire basics like: classes for your kids, maid for your help, cakes for your parties, baby sitters, etc. can be accomplished with a laid back effort through DNA application. DNA Connect more then 55+ Service categories in Township to bring their wares right at your doorstep.

The categories

The categories offered by DNA are

  • Grocery
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Laundry
  • Restaurants
  • Home food/tiffin
  • Mutton shop
  • Self-care (saloon, etc.)
  • Bakeries
  • Tailor
  • Daycares
  • Medicals
  • House and repair services
  • Education and hobby classes
  • Maids and cooks
    • etc. Basically whatever your local need is, DNA will find you the solution nearby.


D.N.A is an acronym for Daily Needs Application which itself implies that this is an application which makes all your necessary day-to-day products and services available for you at one place.

It is a smart app developed to save your time and energy which till date you were investing in various avoidable activities. To add a cherry on the top, it hold backs your phone RAM by lessening the need of other delivery applications which you might use to order food, search for restaurants, look for medical aid, or hunt for any other service or product individually. All in all DNA can eliminate almost 5 of those kind applications and allow you to operate your routine through one plentiful application. So it’s time to say goodbye to all the tiring deeds like driving to the dusty market, purchasing in a crowd and all other things which bothers you when it comes to buy or fulfill your dailies.

  1. e-commerce for Restaurant, Grocery stores, Local vegetable supplier, and Mutton/Chicken shops on one platform.
  2. Prescription Sharing Facility to local medical store for home delivery.
  3. Providing more than 55 Service Categories with the service provider details Locality wise on one platform.

How DNA Developed

Shweta Kulkarni, founder of DNA says-

’As I was new in the locality, I barely had any clue of the things around. I kept on roving for my needs and then I thought of helping myself and people like me who wants to get their needs full field without any hassle. This wonderful thought of everything in one app popped up with my practical experience. So me and my husband, Raviraj Kulkarni, dreamed about DNA and worked on this smart app robustly. Today, with 55+ Service categories, we are still open for others who want to join and add their business here

For any related queries you may contact us.

Register your business

If you are a service or product supplier and want to make it available online for the residents, you may register your business on our application. To know more you may either fill the following form or directly give us a call.